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How to charge Payment Terminal

Connect your EV
Touch the screen and follow the instructions on payment terminal screen
Present your payment card
Stop the session by disconnecting your EV or following instruction on payment terminal screen

REMARK: To confirm the existence and validity of the payment means, an amount is temporarily reserved on the payment means selected by the User (pre-authorization). Reserved amount for AC connectors is 30€ and for DC is 50 €. The time required for releasing reserved funds is dictated by the debit/credit card issuer.

Your invoice (including other invoices for sessions done with the same payment card) is available following your session by clicking "Receipt search" on the link

How to charge Mobile app

Our app enables you:
  • user registration
  • finding and navigating to the nearest or your favourite location
  • finding main data, price and the status of every connector within the network
  • starting and stopping the charging session
  • tracking your ongoing session status
  • payment via credit card, contactless bank card, apple and google pay
retrieving your receipt following the session
  • coming soon: roaming options with other European partners