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TurboVolt GmbH

Business objective: installation, maintenance and management of rapid and ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging points.

UID-Nr: ATU78824701

FN: 592502b

FB-Gericht: registered at the Commercial Register at the Court of Vienna

Address: Iglaseegasse 62, 1190 Wien

Tel: 0043 / 676 565 9459


Elective chamber membership: WKO Wien (Vienna Economic Chamber) and Professional sector: FG garage, petrol station and service companies. Professional law: Relevant trade regulations are set out at WWW.RIS.BKA.GV.AT Governing trade authority: Magistrate of the City of Vienna.

Purpose of the website: TurboVolt installs, maintains and manages rapid and ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging points in Austria and the CEE. Our website provides information about our business, the services we provide and a description of the offers available to our partners. Our website is also intended to enhance our presence in the markets by providing a reference point for all industry participants.


Liability for the content of this website:

Whilst TurboVolt GmbH (“TurboVolt”) undertakes the highest levels of professional care to ensure that the information we have provided on the website has been gathered with precision, we do not provide a guarantee that it is complete, accurate and correct. Consequently, TurboVolt hereby excludes any and all liability for the completeness, accuracy, nor do we provide any guarantee that the information provided on our website is up to date. The use of this website and reliance on any information provided is solely at the user's own risk.

Any liability for damages sought, based on the use of this website is hereby excluded, except for any damages which are based on wilful intent or gross negligence or for damages to life, body or health, or for breach of any essential contractual obligations. Damages for breach of essential contractual obligations are strictly limited to the typical and foreseeable damages, except for cases of wilful intent or gross negligence.

Furthermore, TurboVolt reserves the right to update, change, modify, supplement or revise any and all of the information we have provided on our website, at any time, and without further notice. Any statements we make with regards to the future, are purely based on the opinions and understanding of TurboVolt, and as such are solely provided on an informative basis, with the notice that they are subject to certain risks and uncertainties. We do not undertake any obligation to provide any updates or ensure any forward-looking statements are updated. Liability for such statements is hereby expressly excluded.

Liability for links to other websites:

Any links to third party websites, or linking websites, are provided for informative purposes only, and we hold no responsibility, nor have any control or influence over their current or future offering, contents or authorship.This applies broadly to any links and references to third party websites which are placed on our website. Only the provider of the website which publishes the content is liable for illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and any damages that result from the use or non-use of such provided information. If you have noticed any unlawful links on our website, please notify us immediately at

Intellectual Property and Copyright Law notice:

© Copyright by TurboVolt GmbH. All rights reserved. Our website contains intellectual property set out in the content throughout, including any applicable photos and text, which is owned exclusively by us or certain third parties. Furthermore, our name is protected by copyright, and we will issue legal proceedings at our discretion if deemed necessary to protect our intellectual property from being used without our permission. By using our website, you consent to refraining from using our intellectual property subject to obtaining our explicit written consent, unless you are exempt from this pursuant to relevant statute.

EU / Alternative Dispute Resolution:

You may forward us emails of disputes to and also refer to the following EU online dispute settlement platform, to which you may submit any complaints as follows: HTTP://EC.EUROPA.EU/CONSUMERS/ODR. It is our legal obligation to provide this information to our website users.

TurboVolt does not hereby submit to the jurisdiction of, nor are we under any legal obligation to participate in any dispute resolution in front of any consumer dispute resolution body.